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Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Last Chorister (He's 90) Charles Tomlin is 90 years old and is still a regular member of his church choir in Glauster. Why? He's the only chorister left. Mr Tomlin formed the choir in 1946 when he moved to nearby Tewkesbury. The Guardian (UK) 02/16/06

Where Is Dale In Chihuly Inc? Dale Chihuly is the star of the modern glass movement. But now he's suing a former employee who used to blow glass for him, raising questions about Chihuly's artistic role in what has become Chihuly Inc. The Stranger (Seattle) 02/16/06

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Presidential Soprano? Two years ago the Lithuanian government was trying to impeach the country's president. "Soprano Violeta Urmana was asked to stand as a presidential candidate i"I said, 'Are you kidding? I don't belong to a party, either social democrat or liberal.' 'Oh, that's better,' they said. 'But what about my singing?' 'You can sing, probably one or two times a year.' My husband couldn't sleep at night - he thought I shouldn't do it - but just for one day, I was thinking, 'Oh, for Lithuania, maybe I should.'" The Guardian (UK) 02/15/06

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Woman Arrested For Complaining About Cell Phone In Cinema An Australian woman tried to get another woman to stop talking on her cell phone during a movie in a theatre in Texas. Australian Pauline Clayton said "the woman stood up over her, started shouting expletives at her and then stormed out of the cinema, in the town of Webster, just outside Houston. A short time later two Texas police officers walked into the cinema and escorted Ms Clayton out." The Daily Telegraph (Australia) 02/15/06

Laderman To Lead American Academy Composer Ezra Laderman has been elected president of The American Academy of Arts and Letters. The 108 year-old institution, made up of 250 members including artists, architects, writers, and composers gives nearly one million dollars a year to artists, architects, writers, and composers. Laderman is only the sixth composer ever elected to this position. NewMusicBox 02/10/06

Domingo Backs Out Of Paris Walküre Placido Domingo has pulled out a Robert Wilson production of Wagner's "Die Walküre" in Paris. "Unfortunately, my timetable does not allow me to be fully devoted to such intensive work. Rather than performing an approximation of (Wilson's) conception, it is my duty ... to withdraw so that another singer, who will have more rehearsal time, can make that conception his own." Yahoo! (AP) 02/14/06

Monday, February 13, 2006

When A Bollywood Star Goes Down(Everything Stops) Amitabh Bachchan is one of Bollywood's biggest stars. So when he got sick recently, it was very big news in India. "After Mr. Bachchan checked in, traffic near the hospital doubled. Dozens of television crews kept a 24-hour vigil; even the state-owned Doordarshan network reported on Mr. Bachchan's illness 63 times in one week." The New York Times 02/12/06

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Drawing Out The Consummate Outsider "J. P. Donleavy, the American author who skyrocketed to international fame half a century ago with The Ginger Man, his debut novel, remains a cult figure in Ireland, the country that has provided the setting for much of his work." He lives like a hermit on a palatial estate in the town of Mullingar, and rarely ventures out into the world. But a new film deal and the news that Donleavy, now 80 years old, may be about to sell his papers to a university, has the reclusive author back in the spotlight. The New York Times 02/11/06

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Sad Strange Story Of A Writer Calling Himself Nasdijj Nasdijj claimed to be a native American and wrote a memoir that drew raves. But in tracking down the author, it appears Nasdijj might not be who he says he is. Is Nasdijj the reinvention of a struggling white writer of gay erotica? LAWeekly 02/09/06

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